Should referencing be a must for health bloggers?

Despite its explosion in popularity, the wellness sector has so far lacked the regulation needed to uphold the development of credible content. The average consumer is left to decipher fact from fiction from the sea of information available on the net.

We want to change this topsy-turvy dynamic. We believe that substantiation of wellness content is vitally important because it provides transparency and validity – and this all builds and maintains confidence in the wellness industry.

Health bloggers are a key source of information for people seeking insights on how to live well – from recipes to meditation tips; bloggers have become the go-to.

Expressing opinions and personal stories about individual wellness journeys and experiences are perfectly valid, and bloggers writing this type of content have a legitimate right to share their stories and perspectives.

The challenge comes when personal opinion is presented as universal fact. This is often very unintentionally done – and the nuance of language plays a critical role in this distinction.

One of our key credibility principles is based on ensuring that consumers are provided with full information for them to make informed choices based on credible information.

One way we can easily live out this principle is to ensure consumer content is backed up by credible sources and ensure that these sources are easily accessible for the public to verify for themselves. Including a reference link to studies or other trustworthy websites where people can read more information, are all ways that we can make sure our readers have the option to see the evidence behind your content.

If we get down to the nitty-gritty of it all, the basis of all influencer/brands partnership is built on that fact that influencers have a large captive audience who are influenced by the opinions and endorsements who they follow. We need to make sure that our content as bloggers is built on a solid foundation and doesn’t over-promise or over-sell the reality

The time has come to no longer bury our heads in the sand when it comes to the responsibility associated with a large sphere of influence.

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