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L2 Fitness Instructor | L3 Personal Trainer | Advanced Stretching

Health Blogger of the Year 2018

My name is Amie, I am a personal trainer, healthy recipe developer and blogger. I have a passion for creating a healthy lifestyle as a whole, bringing together exercise, food and healthy habits to create this.
I've always had a big interest in cooking and baking, especially when it comes to creating desserts and sweet options that are healthier versions of their already popular counterparts.
I focus on showing people that creating healthy recipes isn't difficult or time consuming so the majority of my recipes are made in 30 minutes or less.





Training, qualifications & experience

As a qualified personal trainer I use my blog and social media channels to share understandable fitness and health information and exercise tips. I also share delicious recipes and healthy lifestyle and travel posts. I work with brands in the health, fitness and food industries, writing fitness articles and creating recipes using their products.
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