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Cam Dempster

L2 Fitness Instructor | L3 Personal Trainer

I teach women how to grow their own self-respect, live a #moderation247 life and trust themselves again after many moons of diets.

I’m here to take women from a place of restriction and self sabotage to power, confidence and happiness in body, soul and mind.  To give women, just like you, the invitation to define exactly what you want from your health, fitness and lifestyle. Then the ability to choose how you’re going to get there.  I firmly believe that everyone should feel ‘enough’ and empower women to build beautifully functioning bodies.





Training, qualifications & experience

For me, the fun is in variety and novelty.  So you’ll find that I do a wide variety of things all in the goal of making the world a more well place.  Online Personal Training, In Person Training, Events – such as blogger meets, wellness festivals, retreats and brunches.  I also provide pain management services via ANF Therapy and sports massage.  I spend a lot of time blogging and sharing the wellness love on Instagram where you can find all the information you’ll need to be your best you.
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