Kate Rowe-Ham

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HIIT 4 Life

L3 Personal Training, Pre/post natal, Indoor Cycling

Kate Rowe-Ham is a qualified personal trainer specialising in exercise for women of all ages and abilities. Kate is also qualified in pre/ post natal exercise and indoor cycling. Kate has three children of her own and is passionate about helping women achieve mental and physical wellbeing through exercise. Kate's goal is to show women that even when exercise is the last thing on your mind, it can be the key to getting through a bad day and can give you that little boost to feel you’ve got this. She now hosts a daily HIIT workout at 6:35am on her Instagram channel hiit4life for women to train with her from their own homes. When not empowering other women to achieve their own fitness goals and body confidence, Kate loves running, swimming and raising money for different charities.

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Body Confidence

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