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Choosing to register with RoHW brings a wide range of benefits – but most importantly shows to the public that you uphold high standards of practice in your work. Being registered builds trust with your clients and the public by demonstrating that you are working to a robust framework.

Download our credibility guaranteed booklet for full details of our membership package in our Standards page.

“I am very glad I decided to join ROHWI and study for the influencer training programme, as it gave me a deeper insight into working with brands and legal requirements. I have learnt that there is so much more to collaborating than compensation. It is also making sure you are being transparent with your audience in order to build trust and to make sure you are writing responsibly about different topics. If you are wanting to take your blog and client collaborations to the next level, I would highly recommend getting involved!”
Hanna – Wellness & Wander

The programme was set up to provide assurance on the standards of consumer content of and wellness influencers. Bringing wellness influencer into a broad framework of assurance is good for the public and is the best way to promote quality. ROHWI stores the details of all influencers who meet our standards for their training, professional ski, ls and behaviour. After completing professional training, you’ll need to apply to join it.

Applicants must receive the Influencer Training Scheme and Screening certification (including a full curriculum and 4 assessments).

Section one: credibility in health and wellness

We'll test your substantiation skills and your ability to identify when it is appropriate to reference claims, as well as your understanding of the SOBI metrics and your ability to review content and implement credible amends. We'll check your ability to make credible decisions in challenging or difficult situations. We'll be testing your knowledge on organisations, regulations and governmental bodies supervising content and content literacy.

Section two: advertising standards and professionalism

You'll learn about communication within the realm of professional interest, as well as transparency in advertising and disclosing partnerships. We'll test your ability to correctly address ownership and repurposing cases between influencers and brands. We will focus on professionalism with ambassadorships and collaborations and ask you to analyse contracts and agreements for brands in conformity with our standards.

Benchmarking process

The application team will review each submission and assess:

  • The credibility of existing online content
  • Whether influencer is appropriately representing themselves (e.g. qualifications and out-of-remit advice)
  • The quality of social engagement
  • Follower growth behaviour

Registrants undergoing the ROHWI training will be able to access essential details such as the number of Quality Followers, Audience, Authenticity and Reachability level, Engagement Rate (ER) and other fields are hidden in the full version. Once certified, the registrants will also receive a badge in their profile as official members of the register.

“Joining ROHWI and undertaking the influencer training scheme has definitely helped me to evaluate a brand’s level of professionalism and if I would like to enter into a partnership with them, be that for a single post or an ongoing relationship. I find negotiating fees for campaigns easier since the introduction of the influencer pricing guidelines; it’s great to have something objective and independent to refer to and brands can see exactly how I have calculated my prices.”
Rachel – Healthy and Psyched

What is included: training, perks and benefits

  • Influencer training programme
  • Benchmarking and screening protocols
  • A listing in the ROHWI directory of registered influencers
  • License to use the official ROWHI logo on your social handles, website and promotional materials
  • Free Instagram account report and training
  • Quarterly member-only online publication
  • Updates on the latest studies and research from ROHWI
  • Access to webinars to discuss upcoming regulation changes and new research
  • Advice and support for partnerships and credibility concerns
  • A board of experts to answer any complaint, question or query with regards to content

Introductory yearly fee: £100 ($120)

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“Joining ROHWI and undertaking the influencer training programme helped me to consider some of the language I was using and gave me the confidence to be clearer in negotiations etc. I was happy to find out what I’d been doing for the last few years was the right way of going about my business! I also gained clarity on brand disclosure. I had always done this, but the training helped clear up the associated rules (or lack of them!)”
Ceri Jones – Natural Kitchen Adventures

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