2019 Pricing Guidelines for Health and Wellness Influencers

It’s that time of the year again – I spent the last few months looking at trends and changes in the industry in order to draft up the 2019 edition of our influencer pricing guidelines.

As we launched ROHWI this January, we combined our new expertise with our most requested piece of research.

The Register of Health & Wellness Influencers is the first and only independent register for the Health & Wellness Influencers worldwide, recognising the qualifications and expertise of influencers and bloggers within the wellness industry.

Now it’s time to clearly define HOW relationships should be carried out between brands and influencers – I’ll take it one step further: brands, agencies, and influencers. We aim to set standards within the industry in an effective and tracked way.

Our pricing guidelines are based on over 100 articles, case studies, white papers and reports issued between 2015-2018. Main articles will be mentioned throughout with appropriate reference. We decided to focus on blogs, articles and Instagram as these are the main media used by our community.

Get the Whole Influence influencer pricing guidelines

From the last year, a few people enquired about WHY engagement is such an important factor for an influencer – engagement and impressions are important to justify the cost of your services, as well as a boost in validation for brands looking to boost ROI.

Once again, we took the average of what people in the industries of health, fitness, wellbeing, food would charge for one post, and adjusted it accordingly taking into account also industry trends and brand budgets.
  • The range we offer you is a guideline, ideally you do not want to go lower, feel free to go higher, but first you want to add in the engagement add on.
  • The more the influencers who follow these guidelines, the more we are to set some standards for the industry as a whole.
  • The prices are based on a plethora of markets, still, our main reference is US and UK. All prices are in dollars and pounds to promote international reach.

We decided to come back with a new set of pricing influencer guidelines to confirm the new wave of professionalism:

“The Wellness community is becoming more sophisticated and attractive to major brands looking to reach a new demographic, or stay relevant in the market.  To achieve this, big brands may look at collaborating with a younger Wellness influencer – these relationships should ideally be captured in a simple contract to make sure obligations and deliverables are clear, and both parties have clarity on how the relationship is intended to work (and what to do if it goes wrong). Discussions over who owns content which is generated is also important, especially if one side is a Blogger who wants to re-use content created under the relationship.”

Emma Green – Bird & Bird LLP