Standards of conduct, performance and ethics

Our standards are the ethical framework within which our registrants must work. The role of the standards of conduct, performance and ethics they set out, in general terms:

  • how we expect our registrants to behave
  • what the public should expect from them
  • help us make decisions about the character of influencers who apply to our Register
  • we use them if someone raises a concern about a registrant’s practice

“I’m so glad that I decided to join ROHWI and enroll the training scheme. The advice that I’ve learnt from it has been invaluable and I can’t recommend it enough. It’s given me the confidence to approach more brands and provided me with the skills to be clearer in my negotiations with them. It’s also taught me the importance of well-substantiated wellness content and being as transparent and honest with your audience as possible.”
Yasmin – Nourishing Yas

Why do we need a register?