Infographic: majority of UK Instagram influencers engage in fraudulent activities

More than half of UK Instagram accounts have been found to engage some form of fraudulent activity, including buying mass followers, likes or inauthentic comments and using engagement bots, a comprehensive global study has found.

The research, by Swedish e-commerce start-up A Good Company and analytics firm HypeAuditor, assessed 1.84 million Instagram accounts across 82 countries.

Also, an Australian analysis of influencers found that only 16.7 per cent of their audience was valuable to brands once fakery, viewability and target audience factors were taken into account.

In the UK, the study found nearly 10 million accounts are fake. The three markets with the most fakes are the US (49 million), Brazil (27 million) and India (16 million).

In addition to the quantitative analysis, the study carried out an anonymous survey of about 400 influencers to find out if the figures matched up with what influencers admit to doing.

These results showed that more than 60 per cent admits to either using engagement pods, bought followers, likes or comments at some point and that one in five intends to continue doing so.

Check out the infographic below for a further breakdown of the study.