YouTube announced new monetisation options for creators

YouTube announced new and expanded monetization options for creators at VidCon last month, as announced by Chief Product Officer Neal Mohan.

Many of the features will be focused on live streaming and subscriptions.

After debuting channel memberships at VidCon last year, YouTube used the show to introduce membership tiers, which the company calls levels. Creators can set price points for five different levels that offer different perks to subscribers based on how much they pay.

The new offering will also feature paid features like Super Chat, where followers pay to have their message be pinned to the feed during live streams.

“Early last year, creator revenue on YouTube from Super Chat, Channel Memberships and merch were nearly zero” Mohan wrote “Today, these products are generating meaningful results to creators across the globe.

YouTube claims that Super Chats, which rolled out two years ago, is now the biggest revenue source for roughly 20,000 channels, a 65% year-on-year increase over 2018. More than 90,000 channels have received Super Chats from users, according to YouTube, and some streams earn more than $400 per minute from the feature.

Merchandising has also become a bigger part of the equation as creators have capitalised on their brand recognition and YouTube has integrated more shoppable interfaces.

At Vidcon, YouTube announced five new merchandising partners — Crowdmade, DFTBA, Fanjoy, Represent and Rooster Teeth — that eligible creators can use to directly sell their gear through.